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Payment Processing

Purchase Orders

We accept Purchase Orders from verified Education and Government organizations. Just shoot us an email at to kick off the process. 

Credit Card Payments

How Stripe Works 

Once you add items to your cart, the checkout process is fast and simple. All payments are processed using Stripe. Please click the link above to see how Stripe works.  

PayPal Payments

Now accepting PayPal
How PayPal Works 

Your other option is to have your payment processed by PayPal. Please click the link above to see how PayPal works. If you wish to purchase your items via PayPal, simply click the "Check out with PayPal" button during your checkout. The button looks like this:

BitCoin Payments

NEW: we are now accepting payments via BitPay. Be a part of the the future of currnecy and embrace the block chain! Simply email us at for more information.